1. Shropshire, Van-den-Keere, 1627, 123w x 85h, Hand col'd. Very clean, Hills & Rivers shown. 45.



2. Shropshire, Bowen, 1763, 118w x 185h, Hand col'd. Road map on verso, large amount of descriptive text on recto, 65.



3. Shropshire, Morden, 1722, 422w x 361h, Hand col'd. Copper engr. Lovely condition, 145.



4. Shropshire, Cary, 1830, 425w x 496h, Hand col'd. A very clean copy. This map is noted for the immense detail, 75.



5. Shropshire, Moule, 1848, 200w x 262h, Steel engr'd. Hand col'd. Three cartouches at base. 35.


6. Shropshire, Speed, 1617, 515w x 386h, Framed & glazed both sides, hand col'd., good. The most desirable map of the County. 600.